Why Artistic Considerations are Integral Aspects of High-Quality Antique Oriental Rugs

A common thinking is that you buy an antique oriental rug only when you need a decorating touch. Of course, an antique carpet beautifies a room indeed: it adds warmth, provides texture, and pulls together the various other furnishings. In fact, the beauty of an antique oriental carpet often becomes the centerpiece of the room and elevates the space beyond the ordinary. It is therefore important to recognize that an antique rug is more than just a decorating piece. After all, the classic designs and timeless patterns of antique rugs are only one aspect that provide them with an aura of uniqueness; what is of equal if not greater importance is the rich history surrounding each individual antique rug - that is, its provenance, its artist, the design, and the historic backdrop that influenced the making of the rug. For this reason we have long considered it as part of our mission to show what an antique rug really is at its core: an extraordinary piece of fine art, much as a beautiful painting or a gorgeous piece of furniture. As Kelly Crow of the Wall Street Journal pointedly noted in her June 18, 2010 article The Rug Market Takes Flight, “These days, top antique rugs are sold more like works of art than pieces of decor.” We always encourage our customers to become intimately familiar with all facets of any antique rug before making a choice, so as to view the antique rug not only in context of aesthetic considerations but also in light of the growing market and ever-rising demand for antique rugs. Accordingly, each piece in our selection of antique rugs reflects the notion that decor and art are both integral aspects of a high-quality antique rug.

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